About Kevin Gilmore

Kevin Gilmore.  Originally from Rhode Island (circa 1977). Graduated with B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Rhode Island in 1999.  Current Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Candidate (Winter 2019 Graduation) at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT.  Kevin spent over a decade exploring the landscapes of Jackson, Wyoming, Portland, Oregon, Puglia, Italy, and Brooklyn, New York (in that order...).  He has worked and exhibited in each of these locations, letting the sense of place inform his work.  After starting a family in the bustling metropolis of New York City,  Kevin returned to his native state... as Rhode Islanders often do.  He lives and works close to the sea with his wife, two children and his dog in South Kingstown.


After the recent completion of "the coast 1-9”, a polyptych arranged in a 3 x 3 grid, I began to employ the structural element of the grid directly to the individual canvas.   The simplicity of this form allows for the exploration of color and tonal composition while continuing to harmonize found papers in a non -linear narrative.  Often drawing from natural landscapes and occasionally from architecture, linear aspects have always found their way into my canvases.  The horizon line is the ultimate linear element.


Using found papers (maps, music sheets, antique texts, sewing patterns, old letters and newspapers, stamps...) and collage has been a fundamental tool in my paint box.  Like the editing of film, the assemblage of these fragments work together to form anecdotes - internal dialogues between myself and the work; between artist and viewer.


The relationships of color found in nature fascinate me.  The oranges and yellows of the setting sun directly relate to the blues and purples on the opposite side of the sky.  The dependency of the sky on the color of a body of water.  The hues of green foliage that correspond to the color of the flower along with the color of the earth it grows in...and so on.  The organization of these colors and tones using the grid creates movement; a time-lapse.

Solo Exhibitions

2016    The Atrium Gallery, Cellar Doors, Providence, RI

2014    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, My Welling Place, Newport, RI

2008    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, recent paintings, Newport, RI

2007    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, L’Atmosphera di un Posto, Newport, Rhode Island

2006    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, A Baker’s Dozen: 13 paintings, Newport, Rhode Island         

2005    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Sine Qua Non, Newport, Rhode Island

2004    Lunchbreak: A Work in Progress, Portland, Oregon

2003    Windows Alive, Portland, Oregon

The Pangea Factory, Paintings, Boulder, Colorado

Art Media, Recent Paintings, Portland, Oregon

2002    Gavin Shettler Gallery, Recent Collages, Portland, Oregon

2001     Art Media, Portland, Oregon

               Utopia, Portland, Oregon

2000      Pearl Street, Jackson, Wyoming


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017    Newport Art Museum, Annual Juried Exhibition, Newport, Rhode Island

2016    Jamestown Art Center, Blanc de Blanc, Jamestown, Rhode Island

            Newport Art Museum, Annual Juried Exhibition, Newport, Rhode Island

2015    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Two Painters, Newport, Rhode Island

2014    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Newport, Rhode Island

             Charlestown Gallery, Charlestown, Rhode Island

2013    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Newport, Rhode Island

2012    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Newport, Rhode Island

2011    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Newport, Rhode Island

2010    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, 5th Year Anniversary, Newport, Rhode Island

2009    Shop Art Gallery, Group Show, Brooklyn, New York

              BID Gallery, Bits & Pieces, New Rochelle, New York

              Muriel Guépin Gallery, Late Spring 2009, Brooklyn, New York

2007    Beppu Wiarda Gallery, It’s All About Maps, Portland, Oregon

2006    Jessica Hagen Fine Art, The Winter Show, Newport, Rhode Island

2005    Station 29, Antiques & Contemporary Art,  Newport, Rhode Island

2004    Newport Art Museum, Wet Paint, Newport, Rhode Island

Mark Woolley Gallery, Ten Years: One Foot After Another, Portland, Oregon

22nd Annual Visual Arts Showcase, Beaverton, Oregon

              Steel Pond Gallery, 52 - a Group Show, Portland, Oregon

              Art Media, Group Show, Portland, Oregon

2003     Modern Zoo, Process, Portland, Oregon

               The Hall Gallery, The Box Show, Portland, Oregon

               Cascaide Aids Project Art For Life Auction, Portland, Oregon

               21st Annual Visual Arts Showcase, Beaverton, Oregon

               Gavin Shettler Gallery, Retrospective, Portland, Oregon

               Hip Furniture, Portland, Oregon

2002      Cascade Aids Project Art Auction, Portland, Oregon

               City Fusion, Portland, Oregon

               Joseph Kucinski Gallery, Portland, Oregon

               Hip Furniture, Portland, Oregon

2001      Joseph Kucinski Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2000      Art Association, Labor of Love, Jackson, Wyoming

1999      Fine Arts Main Gallery, Annual Juried Art Show, Kingston, Rhode Island


2016     Vermont College of Fine Art, Candidate (2019 Graduation) M.F.A. Visual Art

1999     University of Rhode Island,  B.A. of Fine Art