About Rob Matre

About Rob Matre

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Rob Matre pursues photography as a serious art form, shooting in a style that floats between documentation, photo-journalism and high art. His goal is to create an instant nostalgia through images that are experienced as much as viewed. Special attention is given to composition, light, tone, mood and presentation. The theme of memory is embedded in his work, offering the viewer a sense of comfort, intrigue and drama.


This passion for photography was actually born on a golf course, when he took his camera to a practice round at a tournament in Atlanta in the Fall of 2003. The resulting black & white images from that day sparked an interest that would soon define his career as an artist. Over the past twelve years, he has photographed over 50 tournaments, including every U.S. Open from 2004 - 2011. His travels have taken him to over 100 courses, including many of the great links courses of Ireland and Scotland.

ROB MATRE    tintype portrait by  Michael Foster


tintype portrait by Michael Foster