Steve Adair

Steve Adair is a visual artist living and working in Northwest Arkansas.  He is a graduate of Arkansas State University where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Art Education.  The work he creates blends his personal interest in abstraction, vintage ephemera, and the figure. In addition to creating works of fine art, Adair also teaches visual art at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels.

As a visual artist I'm very drawn to researching source imagery for my paintings. My figure paintings are inspired by various images from 1950's culture.  They are often painted in a manner that portrays the subject matter in a state of decay. I like the idea of presenting these subjects as tarnished relics, with paint splattering subjects' faces, blurred paint, and other paint blocking the original imagery. I want the viewer to approach these works as they would a wall covered in graffiti, or an old weathered billboard- where the layers of different paint and texture create a history within the artwork.