Matre Gallery
75 Bennett Street
Tula Art Center
Space G2
Atlanta, GA 30309


Matre Gallery is back on Bennett Street, located once again in the Tula Art Center. For history buffs, this is where the gallery first opened in 1995, originally known as Smith Gallery, which became Matre Gallery in 1997. The gallery called Bennett Street home from 1995 -2011, before moving to Miami Circle (2011-17) and Peachtree Road (2017-19), and completing the full circle back to Bennett Street in May 2019.

Business hours are generally 10 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday. However, the gallery is officially open to visitors by appointment, as projects often take us away from the gallery. So even though the odds are good you will find the gallery open for a pop-in, we encourage visitors to contact the gallery to set up an appointment. We are also happy to meet during evening hours and on Sunday afternoons if preferred.

When visiting, please use the first Tula entrance by the loading dock. Looking at the building, this entrance is on the far right side. Walk straight down the hallway and find the entrance to Space G2 off the atrium.

We look forward to your visit!