Linstrum + Matre Artworks Invites You To Join Us For The Grand Opening Reception

Friday, September 12, 2008  •  7 - 9 p.m.

featuring recent works by
  Jonathan Fenske  •  Duy Huynh  •  Cara Ober

Linstrum + Matre Artworks is about change.

With the merging of Aliya Linstrum Gallery and Matre Gallery, LMA will present the best of what you have come
to expect from both, as well as a few surprises that are sure to excite you.

Re • Visions is the manifestation of our gallery mission.

This inaugural exhibition brings together signature artists, Duy Huynh from Aliya Linstrum and Jonathan Fenske from
Matre, and introduces new talent Cara Ober, as the best way to showcase past strengths while simultaneously
pointing the way to the future.  It is proof positive that we are as equally dedicated to the development of those in
whom we believe as we are committed to presenting the finest talents of tomorrow.

Art is about evolution.

The works of these artists all challenge the viewer’s perception of the world around us.  They do not offer only one
answer to the questions that they ask.  Instead, they allow for each of us to consider, reconsider, and draw our
own conclusions from the beautiful and wonderful world they create.  They give us their visions, which become
our re • visions.  In this way we have been inspired by our artists to create a gallery that embodies these ideals. 

We invite you to share that inspiration and be re • vised.